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I've been strangely obsessed with multiple limbed monsters lately..


Great character!
Moro Rogers said…
Holy crap, those are nice!!
Wayne B. Medina said…
ha these are awesome man, I laughed at the bottom one with the poor bastard's head chomped off....yeah I'm sick heh
Ken said…
hey! Great work you got here, nice and surreal! Ill be back...
Epistrophie said…
These monstrosities are great.
Lubomir said…
Ryan, great to see work from you!

1. I love the fat 6 arms.

2.Very cool shirt, great style, is the business on?
Cool drawings!
Marcelo Baez said…
Damn they are UGLY!!! I LOVE'EM!!!
Heidi Smith said…
These are freaking awesome!!!

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