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Marvel Monday

Savage. In panties.

(What? I don't see a sinking bike..your mom's a sinking bike!)


Great blog as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Bobby Pontillas said…
Ha Awesome! I've been checkin out your work for a good while, and I am super envious of your draftsmanship!
she is hot and grotesque at the same time, i love it! awesome blog man great stuff!
RAWLS said…
So awesome indeed!!!
A.J. Bell said…
Nice! I've got a new crush for the day
Wayne B. Medina said…
haha this is awesome Ryan! i'm really loving your style man.
GhettoFab said…
hhhahahahah glad to see you in good form! been way too long!i love what you bring with your illustrations. That shirt is freakin AWESOME

( I use alias sketchbook for the lines and the flat colors and photoshop to touch up btw )
Tooninator said…
Hello fellow Canadian. Thanks for swinging by my blog. Much appreciated. You've got a great fun blog here. Cheers.
Jmontiel said…
I love your style. Great blog!

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