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Tijuana Sugar-Bot vs The Mighty Tiki-Tron. What.

*this was a t-shirt submission that was rejected for reasons along the lines of "too retarded".


Danarchy said…
WTF indeed
RAWLS said…
hahaha... I like it!!
My money is on the Tiki bot.

awesome work man.
Epistrophie said…
Nice work!
Lubomir said…
Crrreazy go nuts, the Pink Bot is cool!
M.P.Revita said…
lol Love this. Love the colours too.
Kelly Conley said…
This is so random, and I love random! Good thinkin'.
Moro Rogers said…
I don't see what's retarded about it...It's got a little something to please everyone.=p
nic said…
"too retarded" is exactly what I'd buy. Great stuff!

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