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Animal Monday

..hip? ..hip hop? ..hip hop anonymous?


GhettoFab said…
dood! youve been slammin some serious stuff out Ryan!! The zombie with the dog is hilarious and I love monster wednesday

Your work is always distubingly entertaining!! Glad to see you posting with a vengence
RAWLS said…
haha... I love his teeth!!
andrew said…
wow this is amazing! the head is really neat
Epistrophie said…
This is some fine hip hop action.
Lubomir said…
Braddur, your hilarious blog is back up! Commendable action. Nice Hippo, interesting colours.
Adrian Ropp said…
Very cool hippo. I was going to say "very hip hippo" but it sounded redundant.
Kelly Conley said…
Man, this is just a great piece of cartooning art. This is one of my absolute favorites of yours.
tek! said…
excellent charicature. i love it

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